>Sunday All Week?

>Ok, ok! I know it was supposed to be a sunday thing on this blog but…
Well since I don’t really work any other days than friday-saturday (other than with my music) I thought, I might aswell post 3 more pictures of my little friend Benny B.

Benny B aka Dison is about to launch his new website, on wich, I have the priveliege of having taken all the photos for him.
For now you can find his music at : http://www.myspace.com/disonthedice
Sure wish now after that I would have had some strobes this summer allready. Sadly enough, I didn’t.

Seem to have lost all EXIF-data on the top photo?
The 2 smaller photos above were taken with my old Canon 300D and following settings:
1/160 sec, F5.6, ISO 100 @ 34mm w. Nizo S80 “wide-angle-thingie” no flash.

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