>Pizza, Smokes, Beer & Sweatpants…

>Standard Sunday Scenario.
Been here, done this.

What else?
Sundays might be a perfect day learning about creative lightning.
Made a DIY snoot for the shot below.
Cardboard, razorblade and duct tape was all that was needed.

Piece of cake!

Put my snooted speedlight on a mic-stand as high above the piano I could without having to make a hole in the roof. Set it to about 1/8th power and around 35mm zoom (don’t really remember the exact zoom setting) and had it triggered with a cheap radio trigger I found on DealExtreme.com
After a few frames I realized that my snoot was a bit to long and I wasn’t quite happy with the results.
Became Edward Scissorhands and chopped of a few centimeters. Snoot is now around 25-30cm (that would be around 12-14″ for U.S-readers and others)
Picture came out the way I wanted after a few chimps with correction of shutter speed and aperture.
Shot it in RAW and made some color changes and that’s about it.

Only thing left to do is to head over to Statoil, pick up a sixer and enjoy the rest of this sunday.

Honky Dory!

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