>DIY Softbox pt. 3 (Practice makes perfect)


Now to the first photos using my brand new DIY softbox.

It seems to be working really well actually. Offcourse I don’t really have anything to campare with but I still like it. It’s a huge difference to just popping off bare strobes right at a person in terms of shadows and what happens with them. Not showing at this photo (left) is the rim light I had set up (wich obviously didn’t fire). An Osram 180 I think it’s called.
It did not do me any harm as I’m a big fan of this kind of light for simpler portraits.
Strobe fired in softbox at aprox. 45* angle and that’s about it.

The photo below had the rim light in it. Same placement of the softbox and the rimlight at a pretty much crossing line with it. Smart as I was, I did not take any notes as to what power the main flash was set to (wild guess is a 1/4th). The rim is easier as I just put the power on and placed it where I thought it would make the picture look good. And I know, MOM, smoking IS bad but so is riding a motorcycle on gravel roads 😉

1 thought on “>DIY Softbox pt. 3 (Practice makes perfect)

  1. Eva says:

    >Ållrajt, son, you do as you wish, none of us're going to quit but i'll live longer.
    Nice pics and you look as sweet as always behind the smoke.


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